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  • God's Standard Strategies of fulfilling His worldwide promised call →

  • Restoration of True Worshipers of God →

  • Three Days Conference from 15th - 17th April 2022 →

  • God's highest ways of manifesting His marvelous works (ministry ethics) →

  • God's heavenly government on Earth →

  • Conference - God's Immediately answered prophetic prayers →

  • God's special emergency warning on politics most especially on 2021 elections in Uganda →

  • Restoration of order in God's church allover the world →

  • God answering the world about the year 2020 →

  • Baptism to be born again to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gifts and the heavenly body →

  • Total deliverance from the evil spirit (the sins in the blood, in the hearts and in the marrows of the bones) →

  • The earth to be filled with the knowledge of God and his glory as the waters cover the sea →

  • God's supreme high court on earth (for religions and faith groups) →

  • Serving with God (God's unchangeable holy calling and gifts) →

  • Types of laws (laws of righteousness, laws of sin and shadow laws) →

  • Biblical Prophecies from God Fulfilled →

  • FOCUS of God music, singing with God, The true worshipers of God →

  • 25th December, Easter and New Year →
  • FOCUS of God TVs and Radios God's immediately answered types of prophetic prayers How to give and to use tithes and offerings The 7 years heavenly biblical journey and God's worldwide promised call Satan's devices (who is satan) Holy love, marriage, family and offerings Word of wisdom in the Word of God